RUKIHEMA: Small Purple Sisal Basket

£ 31.00

The Rukihema is a true one-off: woven with colour, stories and craft. This purple woven basket was produced by a highly talented weaver working within a women’s cooperative in Kenya’s rural Coastal Region, to her own unique design.

These beautiful woven baskets are ideal for use on your nightstand or dressing table, for keeping all your jewellery and trinkets in one place.  Pop yours on your desk to bring a splash of colour and style to the workspace, or use your Rukihema woven basket as a planter or flower pot for homing your house plants and succulents. For more basket inspiration, see our uses page HERE.

The scrupulous art of basket weaving is passed along the female line in rural Kenya, and this extremely creative group of weavers work to their own original patterns and colourways, selecting their own dyes and enjoying full artistic license in their work. Sisal grass is hand-stripped using wooden tools and the use of weavers’ feet, and then hand-rolled on the thighs before being hand-dyed in large vats of boiling water. 

By becoming the proud owner of this beautiful basket you play your own part in empowering women to financially support themselves and their families through the dry seasons. Meet the weavers from this region HERE. 

Material:  SISAL

Dimensions20cm Dia x 18cm Height

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Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.