RAFIKI: Gold Striped Bread Basket

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The lovely RAFIKI bread basket was hand-woven and hand-dyed in rural Kenya from indigenous sisal grass. Its maker? An extremely creative craftswoman working within a cooperative in Kenya’s rural Coastal Region. This skilled group produces unique woven bread baskets of their own designs and colourways, so each one is a one-off and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Basket weaving is a progressive, income-generating craft form, and one that you support directly through purchasing with The Basket Room.  With crops suffering in the dry season and the droughts going on for longer, basket weaving helps women to make up the shortfall and pay school fees, buy food, replace their children’s uniforms, and much more. Working as part of a cooperative, everyone is paid a wage, and thus empowered to support themselves and their families more reliably throughout the year. 

Use your woven bread basket for sliced loaves or fruit, avocadoes or cutlery and napkins. Each unique woven basket comes with a thank you card from the cooperative, and you can learn more about them HERE.

Dimensions: 21 cm Dia

Handmade in Kenya 

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