SHANGA: Pink Beaded Duom Palm Leaf Baskets

£ 20.00

These wonderful palm leaf baskets are tightly woven from doum palm leaves by the Ngurunit Weavers Group in Northern Kenya. Farming is a way of life for these people of the Samburu and Rendille tribes, and so these woven baskets were originally fashioned as vessels for collecting camel milk.  Our SHANGA baskets blend the sturdiness and intricacy of Rendille weaving with a flavour of tribal Samburu embellishments: pale pink and white beading forms a double band towards the upper section of each flat-bottomed basket.

Rendille basket weaving became a dying art with the introduction of plastic and metal jugs and vessels, but in recent years these woven baskets have seen a revival. With the addition of Samburu-inspired beading, beauty meets practicality and these palm leaf baskets have become popular home accessories.

These strong woven baskets make stunning fruit bowls, vegetable bins and baskets for jewellery and knick knacks. Their robust design makes them ideal flower pots, planters and desk tidies, too.  This style of weaving involves a tightly coiled wrap over the core element, stitching each new turn tightly to its previous turn to create an extremely robust, spiralled effect.

You help keep this wonderful art form alive when you purchase one of our palm leaf baskets. In buying from The Basket Room, you also become an important part of our journey, supporting these talented weavers through fair trade. Each basket comes with a thank you card from the cooperative: you can meet the ladies behind your basket HERE.


MATERIAL: Doum Palm Leaf


Extra Small: 9cm H x 10cm top inner diameter

Small: 11cm H x 14cm top inner diameter

Medium: 12cm H x 16.5cm top inner diameter



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