PANDE ZOTE: Round Palm Basket Bag

£ 39.00

Meet our chic PANDE ZOTE round basket bag - brand new for Spring / Summer. Lovingly hand woven from indigenous palm leaf in Coastal Kenya, this is the ultimate hand held bag for pavement coffee dates, sun-drenched brunches, and balmy evenings sipping cocktails by the sea. Palm leaf is a versatile and hardy material, widely available and perfect for creating this sturdy basket in its intricate, spiralled weave. 

Whether this summer will see you shopping the souks of Marrakech or sunning on the beaches of Ibiza, partying in Dubrovnik or chilling out in Los Angeles, you’ll be making a statement with this beautiful hand held bag - this summer's ultimate style option for all occasions. 

The artisans who hand-weave these stylish round basket bags work within a large Kenyan weaving cooperative. These democratically-run groups meet weekly to share out the work for inbound basket bag orders and to dispatch completed baskets back to us in Oxfordshire. The weavers, all men, are paid a mutually agreed fee per woven basket bag, and are at liberty to choose how many baskets they’d like to work on each week, depending on their own availability and other commitments such as family and farming. Basket weaving takes place largely during the dry seasons when crop production often fails and livestock can suffer.

Our baskets are woven with stories and craft. To carry one of our round basket palm bags is to support us in empowering Kenyan families through fairly-paid, flexible work. Want to meet some of the talented weavers behind your round basket bag? Click HERE. 



Dimensions: Width 27cm, Depth 13cm, Height (to top of handle) 41cm

Handle Length: 14cm 

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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