NJEMA: Natural, Green and Black Bread Basket

£ 24.00

Bring some extra style to your brunch date with the NJEMA fair trade bread basket, with its green and black pattern. Hand woven Kenya’s rural Coastal Region, this beautiful dining table piece is utterly unique: made once and sold once. Fill yours with freshly baked rolls, slices of morning toast, or use it as a fruit bowl or a home for your avocados. The opportunities are endless, but for more basket info, look HERE. 

NJEMA was created by a skilled craftswoman working as part of a weaving cooperative in Kenya’s rural Coastal Region. This group produces one-off woven baskets to their own preferred designs, choosing their patterns and colour combos. Local sisal grass is hand-stripped using wooden tools and bare feet, then hand rolled on the thighs before being dyed in boiling water.

Basket weaving is an empowering craft, bringing a vital second income to these weavers who are primarily women from farming families. With crops and livestock suffering in the dry season, basket weaving makes up the shortfall so that weavers can pay school fees and medical bills, and make essential home improvements. These craftswomen are paid a pre-agreed fee for each basket they produce, and can take
their weaving work with them wherever they go.

Each basket comes with a thank you card from the cooperative. You can find out more about these weavers HERE.


Material:  SISAL

Dimensions: 8cm H x 20cm W approx

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.




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