NJANO: Yellow Beaded Duom Palm Leaf Baskets

£ 20.00

White and sunflower yellow beading sits against a natural base, bringing an understated splash of colour to these fabulous woven baskets. Woven from the blade of doum palm leaf with a decorative ridge of wild sisal and embellished with delicate glass beads, NJANO is a stylish mix of traditional Rendille weaving and intricate Samburu beading.

These elegant palm baskets are woven by the Ngurunit Weavers Group, based in the pastoralist village of Ngurunit in Northern Kenya. The Ariaal pastoralists of Ngurunit are people of the Samburu and Rendille tribes. They herd camels, goats, cattle and sheep, and these beaded baskets emulate the baskets originally woven to collect camel milk with. Palm leaf basket weaving fell into a steep decline as plastic and metal containers became readily available for collecting milk, though these baskets have recently entered a renaissance as they have found their place in the modern home as stylish, functional accessories. The NJANO baskets can be used as planters, flower pots and fruit bowls, jewellery baskets, desk tidies and organisers for bathroom toiletries.

You help keep this wonderful art form alive when you purchase one of our palm leaf baskets. In buying from The Basket Room, you also become an important part of our journey, supporting these talented weavers through fair trade. Each basket comes with a thank you card from the cooperative: you can meet the ladies behind your basket HERE.

 MATERIAL: Doum Palm Leaf


Extra Small: 10cm H x 10cm top inner diameter

Small: 11cm H x 14cm top inner diameter

Medium: 13cm H x 19.5cm top inner diameter



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