NAWE : Small Grey, White & Brown Sisal Basket

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The Nawe is a finely woven storage basket with intricate bands of grey, white and brown , created using the weaver’s choice of traditional pattern and rich colour. This beautiful basket is its creator’s own work of art before it becomes yours. 

This unique woven basket can be used all over the home for tidying, storing, planting and organising. Use Nawe in the kitchen for holding fruit or vegetables, in the bathroom for stashing toiletries, in a macrame hanger filled with tumbling greenery or on your desk or bedside table, filled with stationery or tech. The beauty of these colourful striped baskets is that you can keep on repurposing them as your storage needs evolve. For more basket inspiration and to see how our customers use their woven baskets around the home, see our uses page HERE.

During the dry seasons, farming communities often fail to produce enough harvest to meet their family’s needs. The craftswomen who produce these baskets are paid a wage for their work, empowered to support themselves and their families with this additional income stream. This is a craft group we’re especially close to, since we have worked with them since The Basket Room began in 2014. 

You directly support this honest and ethical trade when you become the owner of one of these beautiful storage baskets and planters.  You can find out more about the weavers behind these baskets HERE.

Material:  SISAL

Dimensions20cm DIA x 18cm H

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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