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Ethically hand woven by a Batwa tribeswoman living in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the orange, green and beige design of this stylish basket evokes the rich colours of its Ugandan homeland. Its colour blocks – all natural dyes - are inspired by the terraces of the Bwindi landscape.

This ‘nyamuraza’ woven basket is totally unique: made once and sold once. All of the baskets in this raffia palm leaf collection are robust enough to make perfect planters, flower pots and desk tidies, and they can also be used as handy pots for knick knacks and jewellery.

These baskets are sustainably made from local raffia palm, and thanks to support from local NGOs all sale proceeds go straight back to the weavers and their communities. Operating a virtually non-existent supply chain, tribal women use traditional terrace farming techniques to grow the raffia palm and the plants used to create the baskets’ earthy natural dyes. Yellowy tones are achieved through pounding roots to extract natural dye, whilst purplish and grey tones come from ash.

To purchase a basket from this collection is to support the Batwa community whilst protecting their environment, their culture and their livelihood for generations to come.


Material:  Raffia and Palm

Dimensions: 15cm H x 12cm DIA




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