MSITU: Open Weave Green Shopper

£ 38.00 £ 48.00

This emerald green open-weave shopper bag is on trend for 2017’s leaning towards all things green, and is perfect for beach weekends, market trips and yoga classes.

One of just 45 talented craftswomen in the Eastern Region of Kenya weaving cooperative produce these beautiful hand woven bags. Made from local sisal grass, collecting and dyeing the sisal alone is an extensive job which is all done by hand. This indigenous plant’s leaves are harvested and split, then hand-rolled and dyed in boiling water before being hung to dry. Only at this point can the detailed weaving process begin.

The weavers are the beating hearts of The Basket Room; talented and dedicated craftswomen who largely come from farming families. Relying on crops and rainfall can prove worryingly unreliable, but basket weaving - one of the oldest crafts known to man - has become a source of alternative income for these communities. Working within a cooperative, which practises fair trade principles, enables families to meet their basic living costs more comfortably. Each shopper bag comes with a thank you card from the cooperative that made your bag. Meet the weavers HERE.


Material:  SISAL

Dimensions (approx): 

Width: 31cm

Height: 30cm

Depth: 30cm

Handle Drop: 15cm




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