MSIMU: Unique Beaded Pambo Planter

£ 65.00

Bring a unique splash of colour to the home with the MSIMU planter. Woven from the blade of doum palm leaf and embellished with multi-coloured glass beads in exquisite stripes, this palm basket is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Snap it up now before it’s gone!

These unique planters are woven and embellished by hand by members of the Ngurunit Weavers Group in Northern Kenya. These artisans are Ariaal people who belong to both the Samburu and Rendille tribes and are known for their creativity and innovation. In true Ariaal style, these baskets blend features from cultures: the tight weaving of Rendille basketry and the delicate, seed-like beading seen in tribal headwear and necklaces of the Samburu.

The members of the Ngurunit Weavers Group are paid a fair wage for each woven planter they produce, benefitting from the opportunity to take on flexible work as a vital second income. You support this fair trade when you pick MSIMU for your home. Want to know more about the weavers of Ngurunit? You can meet them HERE.


MATERIAL: Doum Palm Leaf

DIMENSIONS: 15cm H x 17cm D


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