MBWA: Unique Beaded Pambo Planter

£ 65.00

Blue, black and yellow beading sits against a woven palm base, bringing a bright pop of Kenyan colour to the MBWA planter. There is only one MBWA in existence: once she’s gone, she’s gone! Ethically hand woven with a ridge of wild sisal and finished with delicate glass beads, this woven basket blends Rendille weaving with Samburu embellishment.

Milk is precious currency for members of the Ngurunit Weavers Group of Northern Kenya, subsistence famers who herd camels, goats and sheep. These woven baskets were traditionally created as buckets for collecting and storing camel’s milk in, but as plastic and metal jugs became ever more readily available, production of these baskets fell into decline. A revival of these palm leaf baskets began in 2001 when they were reborn as woven planters for the home.

The Ngurunit weavers are paid a fair wage for each woven planter they produce, benefitting from the opportunity to take on flexible work as a vital second income. You support this fair trade when you pick MBWA for your home. Want to know more about these talented weavers? You can meet them HERE.


MATERIAL: Doum Palm Leaf

DIMENSIONS: 13cm H x 20cm D


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