MBUZI: Extra Large Green, Red and Yellow Wool Basket

£ 75.00

Brought to you by the most artistic and expressive weavers of the Kamba tribe, your MBUZI is a unique creation - no two are exactly the same. This striped basket is durable enough to hold kindling and fireside logs, and supple enough to be used as nursery storage, a large planter, or a bright laundry basket. Wherever in the home you choose to use yours it is sure to bring a pop of Kenyan style with its earthy geometric bands of green, red and yellow.

All our Nifty Knits are woven out of the yarn from recycled jumpers, and the design and colour choices rest with the weaver. The weavers regularly visit ‘gikombas’ (clothes markets) to select and purchase colourful woollen jumpers which are then taken home, washed and unravelled into separate balls of coloured wool. Baskets take up to four days to finish, and weaving is often completed around agricultural duties, household chores, childcare and social events.

Known officially as Kiondos (kee-yon/-doh) in rural Kenyan communities, these tribal pattern baskets were once woven by mothers as wedding gifts for their daughters – both practical and beautiful. Kiondo weaving was a dying art until only recently, with only a few elders still practising the craft. Today, these beautiful striped baskets are experiencing a revival thanks to a renewed rise in demand. 

You become a sponsor of this lost craft when you bring home one of our woollen Kiondo baskets - you also become an important part of our journey to support Kenyan weavers through fair trade. Our basket orders provide flexible and fairly paid work for the Kamba weavers, whose primary incomes rely on farming.  Each ethical basket is supplied with a little information about the weaving cooperative, and you can meet the weavers HERE.


Dimensions: 35-38cm HEIGHT

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.


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