MAZIWA: Green Beaded Doum Palm Leaf Bowl

£ 34.50 £ 69.00

Bright white and emerald green bead work add exquisite texture and colour to the natural base of this wide woven basket. Woven from the blade of doum palm leaf with a ridge of wild sisal grass, MAZIWA combines Samburu and Rendille tribal styles: tight and traditional weaving with fine, tribal embellishments.

These palm baskets are an exquisite addition to your dining table – they make wonderful fruit bowls, napkin tidies and bread baskets, and they’re also great for keeping jewellery safe on your nightstand. Woven to a traditional Rendille tribal design, these woven baskets were originally created to collect camels’ milk in. The closely bound weave involves a tightly coiled wrap over the core element, stitching each new turn securely to its previous turn to create an extremely robust, spiralling effect.  Since the arrival of plastic and metal collection vessels, palm leaf basket weaving fell into swift decline but this almost lost craft has seen a revival in recent years. In purchasing one of these practical, beautiful palm baskets you become a fellow guardian of this rare craft, supporting its ongoing revival and empowering the Kenyan weavers through fair trade.

Each palm leaf basket comes with a thank you card from its makers - the Ngurunit Weavers Group in rural Northern Kenya - and you can meet the talented ladies behind your basket HERE.

MATERIAL: Doum Palm Leaf

DIMENSIONS: 10.5cm H x 28cm DIA


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