LAVUMISO FLAMENCO: Red, Black and Natural

£ 15.00 £ 36.00

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Boasting a deep red and black radial pattern against a natural base, these woven baskets will make a bold and stylish addition to any dining room or kitchen table as a fruit bowl or bread basket.  Woven from sustainably sourced lutindzi grass with a naturally waxy finish, these woven baskets are conveniently water and stain-resistant. 

Purchasing one of these exquisite woven baskets supports the powerful work of Gone Rural Bomake, a social enterprise based in Swaziland which works with over 770 artisans all over the country – a not for profit organisation working to improve local healthcare, sanitation and education. 53 different communities work with this handcraft company, each extensively trained and provided with the means to produce crafts using the raw materials indigenous to that region. You can meet the weavers from Swaziland here.


MATERIAL: Lutindzi Grass (Indigenous to Swaziland & grows wild in the mountains) 


MINI: 16CM DIA x 7cm H

SMALL: 22cm DIA  x 8cm H

MIDI: 30cm DIA x 11cm H

MED: 36CM DIA x 13cm H

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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