KULA: Raffia and Banana Tray

£ 44.00

This bright and colourful wall basket has been woven by one of a group of female weavers residing in the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains of Uganda. Some of these women were widowed by the Allied Democratic Forces war of the 90’s, and others were left homeless. In 2003 a group of six women decided to explore creative ways to make money and better support their families. Today, their basket weaving collective numbers over one hundred women.

This shallow tray basket is woven from raffia and banana leaf stem, featuring stripes of pink and brown, yellow, red and blue against a white base. Hang yours on a wall as a striking decorative item, or fill yours with bread or fruit, jewellery or soaps – KULA brings a pop of ethical, global luxe to any corner of the home.

Through weaving and selling these baskets, these women’s children can access a better education since wages enable mothers to pay school fees. In contributing to the family income, women are also finding themselves in a more equal partnership at home. These baskets empower women, and in purchasing one for your home, you support this.


Material:  Raffia and Banana

Dimensions: 50 cm x 40cm, 7cm depth



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