JOTO: Bright Blue and Natural Speckled Woven Laundry Basket

£ 80.00

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The striped, turquoise-on-white design of this striking hand woven laundry basket will bring a positively Kenyan pop of colour to your interior.

Large and strong enough for fireside logs and kindling storage yet equally suitable for use in the nursery, bathrooms and bedrooms, this large laundry basket can be put to good use all over the home. Skilfully hand woven by a senior member of the women’s weaving cooperatives in the rural Eastern Region of Kenya, this most attractive laundry hamper is made from Kenyan sisal grass. The stiff leaves of this indigenous plant undergo a detailed process of harvesting, rolling and dyeing - all performed by hand - before weaving takes place. Each laundry basket takes forty balls of sisal and six days to complete.

Each of our woven laundry baskets is a chapter in our story of collaboration and sustainable living, beauty and ethics. By owning any of our woven baskets you become part of this narrative, directly supporting the weavers in becoming less dependent on the unpredictable nature of self-sufficiency farming.

Each laundry basket comes with a thank you card from the weaving co-operative that made yours. Want to know more about the people behind the baskets? Meet the weavers here.

Material:  SISAL & LEATHER


MEDIUM: 36cm H x 36cm DIA

LARGE: 41cm H x 41cm DIA

Leather used is a by-product of the food industry.




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