JABALI: Natural Fringed Raffia Hanger

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The JABALI raffia wall hanger is a totally unique and natural work of kinetic art, designed by Nina Howard of FLOC and woven by groups of women in small cooperatives across rural areas of Uganda. We are thrilled to be bringing these breath-taking works of African art to The Basket Room. 

JABALI features three fringed raffia semi-circles hung from a central thread, with a pom pom as the final, playful flourish. 

These wall hangers are handwoven from undyed sweetgrass and raffia. Each section moves independently, so you can either hang yours freely like a mobile and enjoy the gentle swaying movement of the piece, or hang it flat against a wall. A hand stitched loop enables easy installation wherever you choose to display your raffia hanger: they’re captivating in children’s nurseries and equally striking hung flat against a gallery wall in a bedroom or sitting room. 


Material: Sweetgrass and Raffia

Length (excluding the string) 88cm, full 100cm
Width (widest part) 44cm

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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