HERUFI: Blue-Grey and Natural Speckled Woven Laundry Basket

£ 80.00

The speckled blue-grey and white design of this beautiful hand woven laundry basket is full of Kenyan spirit!

Produced by only the most senior members of the women’s weaving cooperatives in the rural Eastern Region of Kenya, our laundry hampers take six days to complete and are hand woven from indigenous sisal grass. The leaves of this fibrous plant were traditionally used for producing rope and twine, and are rolled and dyed by hand before being expertly woven into a soft, pliable clothes basket for the home. Every laundry hamper takes forty balls of sisal to complete, whilst two artisan leather workers (known locally as ‘fundi’) produce the soft leather trim and handles. 

Durable enough for keeping logs and kindling by the wood burner and pretty enough for bedroom, bathroom or nursery storage, wherever in the home you deploy your woven laundry basket it will add a splash of colour and style.

To bring home one our woven laundry baskets is to partake in our collaboration: a spirited meeting of beauty and ethics. Weaving our baskets provides a reliable supplementary means of income to farming communities, whose primary source of revenue is heavily reliant on rainfall.

Material:  SISAL & LEATHER


MEDIUM: 14" H x 14" DIA

LARGE: 16" H x 16" DIA

Leather used is a by-product of the food industry.




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