HEROE: Grey Cloud Sisal Tote

£ 97.00

With its delicate grey and white cloud design, HEROE is a 100% Kenyan-made basket bag that’s perfect for shopping trips, gym sessions, and days at the beach.

Woven with meticulous attention to detail in the greater Lower Eastern region of Kenya, our basket bags are produced from locally sourced sisal. Each bag is made from seven hand-dyed balls of this fibrous twine, each taking up to a week to finish before being sent onwards to a local workshop where cow hide straps are produced and attached by talented leather workers.

This is a time-honoured and unhurried craft. The weaving techniques used to produce these oversized handbags are passed from grandmothers to mothers to granddaughters, empowering generations through the gift of self-sufficiency. Weavers do their basket weaving little and often, between daily domestic chores and crop farming duties. Basket bags are usually carried around with the weavers throughout the week, travelling between church, the shops, and trips to collect river water.

Each of our woven basket bags is a unique chapter in our story. In producing our basket bags the women of the weaving cooperative can more sufficiently support their families, whose main income relies largely on the unpredictable production of crops. Weaving our basket bags helps to pay school fees and buy food, but also brings the gift of empowerment.

Each basket bag comes with a thank you card from the weaving co-operative that made yours. Want to know more about the people behind the baskets? Meet the weavers here.


Dimensions: W45cm x H29cm (width is measured at widest part of bag)

Strap Length: 29cm 

Leather used is a by-product of the food industry



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