HEATH: Smoky Grey Trim Bread Basket

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Bring texture and colour to the home with the HEATH slate grey trim woven table basket, handwoven from local lutindzi grass in rural Swaziland. A broad, blush coloured rim encircles each of these stylish baskets, complementing the undyed, natural woven fibre. 

Tough lutindzi grass grows abundantly in the mountainous regions of Swaziland, and offers a naturally waxy finish which makes it water and stain-resistant. These woven baskets can be mixed and matched with other ethically-produced tableware - coasters, bowls and table mats - in this range. Fill yours with fruit, bread, napkins or cutlery.

A skilled craftswoman working within a Swazi weaving cooperative produced this table basket, in partnership with social enterprise Gone Rural Bomake. Since 1970, this organisation has been supporting women and children by building channels of sustainable and ethical employment. 

Gone Rural now works with over 770 artisans across 53 communities in three regions of Swaziland. Each group is trained in a particular craft that makes use of the unique natural materials growing locally. You can learn more about these Swazi weavers here.


MATERIAL: Lutindzi Grass (Indigenous to Swaziland & grows wild in the mountains)


Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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