GULU: Turquoise & Brown Raffia Woven Wine Basket

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GULU is your vino's new stylish accessory, featuring a turquoise and brown triangular design and ethically produced in Uganda. Bring a beautiful splash of colour and texture to your dining table.

These handwoven wine bottle holders are crafted in the Gulu region of Uganda by former child-soldiers and single mothers who have lived through Uganda’s twenty-year war with the LRA (The Lord's Resistance Army). These women have been trained in jewellery-making and basket weaving, the latter of which is now their main income stream.

Woven from raffia palms and banana fibres, these wine baskets also make great utensil pots for the kitchen. All of these wine baskets are unique and will bring character and colour to any table arrangement or picnic set up. Banana is a staple food in central and western Uganda, and in creating these baskets from the palm leaves of banana trees, these woven baskets help reduce the massive amount of waste created by banana tree plantations.

This group is currently training in making their own natural dyes from leaves, roots, bark and plants - watch this space. We're really excited to be collaborating with these artisans.

Material: Raffia & Banana Fibres

Dimensions (approx):  11cm DIA x 23cm H

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.