DAGAGO: Pink, Navy, Natural Market Basket

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Striking DAGAGO is a traditional Ghanaian bolga basket, with gorgeous bands of pink, navy and natural. This market basket is totally unique: created according to the artistic choices of the individual maker, so once this one is sold, it won’t be made again. DAGAGO is the ideal shopping or picnic basket and makes for beautiful storage all over the home: fill yours with blankets or loo rolls, vegetables, slippers, scarves or toys!

Each one of these unique, shopping baskets take up to three days to weave by hand, using indigenous veta vera grass which creates impressively robust basketry. This particular basket comes with extra ethical points in being 100% vegan: no leather details. Once the grasses are picked, rolled and dyed by hand, a member of our partner weaving cooperative sets to work.

Most weavers in the Northern Ghana cooperative are farmers, though relying on a season’s rainfall makes for unpredictable living. Basket weaving – one of the oldest crafts known to man – has become a source of alternative income for these communities in the dry seasons, helping families to meet their basic living costs more comfortably. When you buy one of our beautiful woven baskets you become a part of this important story. Want to know more about the Ghanaian weavers? Click here


Dimensions: W38cm x H24cm (width is measured at widest part of basket)

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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