CHAMBA: Green, Yellow & Red Woven Fan

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These colourful handwoven fans certainly come in handy in their hot, Ghanaian motherland, but they’ll also deliver a refreshing splash of West African colour to the walls of your home. CHAMBA is an abstract mix of green, yellow and red, bound to bring a touch of ethical charm and cheer to any room!

Choose something totally unique for yourself or a loved one: these brightly patterned, handwoven Bolga fans are all strikingly different, so you’ll be taking home - and protecting - a piece of African culture when you purchase one from The Basket Room. 

The majority of the weavers who create woven fans are men, having been taught the traditional craft of basket weaving from their own mothers and fathers.  Most of these men work in agriculture, but the dry seasons make farming increasingly difficult and unpredictable. Basket weaving brings these people the opportunity to earn a flexible second income. 

It is our mission to build relationships with the most talented weavers across Africa, and we’re so happy to be offering more work to these artisans as our Ghanaian collection expands to include these incredible handwoven fans. Want to know more about these weavers? Click here.


Dimensions: 48cm L x 37cm W

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.


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