BRUU: Turquoise Woven Moses Basket

£ 169.00

Meet BRUU: the latest addition to our brood of beautiful woven Moses baskets. Boasting cool, minty green stripes on a natural sisal base, this ethical baby accessory also features white goat’s leather carry handles.

Most High Street Moses baskets are mass-produced from wicker or palm leaf, but BRUU has been hand woven (it takes three days) from indigenous veta vera grass. This robust grass – also used to make our bicycle baskets – creates sturdy baskets when woven, and each basket comes with a soft, quilted hypoallergenic foam mattress with a washable cover.

It is our mission to build relationships with only the very best weaving cooperatives, and we’re thrilled to be offering more work to these talented weavers as our collection expands to these sustainably-produced Moses baskets. The weavers who produce these Moses baskets are typically women and mostly farmers, but poor rainfall and drought makes it increasingly difficult to make ends meet in East Africa. Basket weaving, and producing these exquisite woven Moses baskets, empowers women with the opportunity to earn a supplementary income.

Want to know more about the people behind the baskets? Meet the weavers here


Material:  Veta Vera Grass & Leather

Dimensions: L:80cm x W:43cm x H:25cm (at hood) approx

It must be noted that these baskets are not carrying devices and should only be used on the floor or on a flat surface when baby is inside.



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