BONGO: Terracotta Rust Storage Baskets

£ 35.00

Introduce warm and rusty tones to your home with a BONGO basket, made from handwoven milulu grass which is coloured using all-natural dyes. Produced in three sizes, there’s one for every storage conundrum!
The weavers behind these ethical baskets use them in their own homes for keeping foodstuffs such as maize, potatoes and onions off the ground. These BONGO baskets also make excellent woven planters and can be deployed all over the home for keeping toiletries, cutlery, nappies. baby supplies and even hats, gloves and slippers organised.
These baskets are woven by craftswomen working within a network of village cooperatives in Tanzania. BONGO's earthy tones are created using natural dyes, derived from two ingredients: roots of the likenekene plant which are only available in the region of Njombe, south west of Tanzania, and leaves of the linywaugimbi plant which grows wild in Njombe, south west of Tanzania. These two ingredients are pounded into mulch using pestle and mortar before being added to a vat of boiling water. Next, milulu grasses are added to the pot, and boiled until the reeds and water turn a rusty colour. These grasses are removed from the pot, dried, and woven. 
The sturdy milulu grasses used to produce these woven storage baskets can be found locally in swamps and riverbeds, and some cooperatives grow the grasses specifically for weaving. The income that weavers earn from their baskets helps families pay school fees and medical bills as well as making home improvements and buying livestock and poultry for farming. During the dry seasons, weaving helps bridge the gap in earnings that many families feel.
Basket sales are led by cooperative committee members and profits are reinvested for the benefit of the communities and product development.
In recent years, these groups have purchased communal amenities like solar lighting, kerosene lamps, land, warehouses and raw materials for producing further baskets with basket sale profits.

Dimensions (approx):
S:  21-25cm DIA | 18-22cm H
M: 30-34cm DIA | 24-28cm H
L:  35-38cm DIA | 30-34cm H
XL:  39-40cm DIA | 37-38cm H
Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.

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