BINAFSI: Extra Small Blue Wool Basket

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BINAFSI is a gorgeous colourful striped basket with bold blue bands – a true work of traditional Kenyan craft, handwoven by a member of the Kamba tribe from wool and sisal. No two baskets in this collection are the same since each is made to the weaver’s own unique design. Use yours as a woven planter for your indoor plants, or use yours for storing toys or toiletries, jewellery, craft materials, keys, wallets and watches. These beautiful baskets are perfect for decluttering whilst bringing a pop of colour and character to any space. 

This colourful basket is an original design with tribally inspired geometric woven patterns. Known officially as Kiondos (kee-yon/-doh) and made in rural communities in Kenya, these baskets were originally woven by mothers as practical and beautiful wedding gifts for their daughters. Traditional kiondo weaving is seeing a revival thanks to a surge in demand from the interiors industry, and skilled elders continue to pass on this sustainable craft to their daughters and granddaughters

Durable and totally unique, these baskets are made from wool from second hand jumpers bound around local sisal grass. The weavers regularly visit the ‘gikombas’ (clothes markets) to select and purchase colourful woollen jumpers which are then taken home, washed and unravelled into separate balls of coloured wool. The weavers of the Kamba tribe are extremely creative – they enjoy free reign over colour and pattern choices - weaving each basket their own way. Baskets take up to four days to weave, and weaving is often completed around agricultural duties, household chores, childcare and social events.


Dimensions: 24cm Dia x 29cm Height

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.


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