BASIABA: Pink Woven Moses Basket

£ 169.00

BASIABA is a bright and bold addition to our happy family of woven Moses baskets, sporting a vibrant neon pink geometric pattern against natural sisal, with white goat’s leather carry handles. We search far and wide to discover the very best weaving cooperatives across Africa, and we’re really pleased to be offering more work to these talented weavers as our collection expands to Moses baskets.

Each woven baby basket takes three days to complete, meticulously woven by the same group that make our bicycle baskets and square and rectangular storage baskets. And whilst the majority of Moses baskets you’ll find on the High Street and online are mass-produced from wicker or palm leaf, ours are made hand made from veta vera grass, which grows wild in Ghana. This grass is incredibly sturdy when woven, producing baskets of impressive structural integrity.

Supplied with a quilted hypoallergenic foam mattress with a washable cover for blissful baby dreaming, BASIABA is a stylish and ethical addition to the nursery.

Want to know more about the people behind the baskets? Meet the weavers here


Material:  Veta Vera Grass & Leather

Dimensions: L:80cm x W:43cm x H:25cm (at hood) approx

It must be noted that these baskets are not carrying devices and should only be used on the floor or on a flat surface when baby is inside.



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