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Soft pink and white beading sit against a natural base, bringing a minimalist pop of colour to these wonderful woven baskets. Created from doum palm leaves with an ornamental ridge of wild sisal, and finished with delicate glass beads, BAKULI is a stunning mix of two tribal influences: Rendille weaving and Samburu beading.

These flat, wide baskets are produced by women of the Ngurunit Weavers Group, based in an Ariaal pastoralist village in Northern Kenya. Milk and livestock farming are a way of life for this rural community, and our woven baskets were traditionally created as vessels for collecting camels’ milk.  As plastic and metal jugs became readily available for collecting milk, these Rendille-style baskets fell into decline and became a forgotten art form until recently. The revival of these palm leaf baskets came about in 2001 when they were first marketed as functional, attractive home accessories. These palm baskets make wonderful bread baskets, planters, flower pots and fruit bowls and jewellery baskets.

Bring a palm leaf basket home and you become a fellow guardian of this rare and wonderful art form, aiding its ongoing revival and supporting the Kenyan weavers through fair trade. Palm leaf basket weaving offers flexible and fairly paid work for the Ngurunit weavers, and you can meet the ladies behind your basket HERE.

MATERIAL: Doum Palm Leaf

DIMENSIONS: 10.5cm H x 28cm DIA


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