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Hand woven from local raffia palm and grasses on the outskirts of the Bwindi National Park, this dark green, beige, purple and orange patchwork design basket is a complete one-off. Its size, sturdiness and depth makes it an ideal planter or flower pot, and its earthy hues – all natural dyes - will bring a splash of Ugandan colour to any desk or dressing table.

The Batwa tribeswomen who weave these baskets use traditional terrace farming techniques to grow the raffia palm and plants used to create the baskets’ earthy natural dyes. This basket’s multi-coloured shapes are reminiscent of the terraced hills of the Bwindi region. Pounded roots produce the yellows, whilst fresh bark is used to create the orange tones. The ishigwa vegetable produces the dark green colour, and purple is achieved with ash.

Thanks to training and support from local NGOs, all proceeds from the sales of these unique ‘nyamuraza’ baskets go straight back to the weavers and their communities. To purchase one of these baskets is to support the culture of the Batwa people whilst protecting their environment and their livelihood, for generations to come.


Material:  Raffia and Palm

Dimensions: 12cm H x 11.5cm DIA




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