SHAMBA: Moss Green Cloud Woven Storage Basket

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The SHAMBA collection of cloud baskets come in a glorious moss green on white pattern, in keeping with Pantone’s Colour of The Year: Greenery. Embrace jungalow style and use your SHAMBA colourful woven baskets as planters for your flowering cacti or as flower pots for your indoor succulents. The larger sizes make fabulous storage baskets for everything from bathroom supplies, toiletries and jewellery to hats, gloves and scarves. Our XL SHAMBA basket brings a splash of fun to laundry day, being the perfect sized laundry hamper.

Hand woven from sisal grass by a member of one of four rural women's weaving cooperatives in South Western Kenya, a classic twining method is used to produce this range of sisal baskets: two elements are woven skilfully around a central spoke by a skilled weaver chosen for their talent in producing repeat patterns. These cooperatives order in their sisal grass ready-rolled once we place our orders with them, and this fibrous grass is then hand-dyed in large vats before being hung to dry.

These Kenyan weavers are primarily subsistence farmers, so basket weaving takes place largely during the dry seasons when work becomes scarce and additional income is needed. To own one of our woven baskets is to become a part of our story -  a journey of sustainability and ethics, empowering women to support their families through flexible, dignified and fairly paid work. Each basket comes with a thank you card from the cooperative who made your basket. Want to meet the people behind your basket? You can meet the weavers HERE.

For more basket inspiration, see our uses page HERE. 


Material:  SISAL


XS: 10cm DIA x 10cm H
S: 15cm DIA x 15cm H
M: 20cm DIA x 20cm H
L: 25cm DIA x 25cm H
XL: 30cm DIA x 30cm H

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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