EKRAWFO: Brown & Black Rectangular Bike Basket

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Give those two wheels an instant upgrade with this beautiful rectangular bicycle basket. Ekrawfo is a unique, one of a kind bike basket, featuring a striking design in brown and black. Made from robust veta vera grass then colourfully dyed, the weavers have complete creative freedom resulting in exquisite designs that are only ever made once.

Ideal for shopping trips in town and days out exploring the countryside, our woven bicycle baskets are also roomy enough to store all your books and stationery when traveling to and from college or the library. Perfect for use as either a front basket or as a pannier attached to the back of your bike, the basket can also be attached to bannisters, towel rails and cots for keeping all manner of household items tidy. 

Each bike basket takes up to three days to weave by hand, and is made from wild veta vera – also known as Elephant Grass. This indigenous grass is harvested, split, hand-rolled and dyed before it is ready to be woven by a skilled member of our partner weaving cooperative in Northern Ghana.

To purchase one of our woven baskets is to become an important part of our journey: a beautiful story of sustainability, community and craftsmanship. We are dedicated to supporting the weavers in a definitively fair trade, helping to provide a regular source of income to help sustain farming communities whose primary income – agriculture and livestock – is perilously unpredictable.

Want to know more about the people behind the baskets? Meet the weavers here.  



Dimensions:  35cm W x 26cm D x 24cm H

Two leather straps are included.

If your basket gets wet, simply leave it to dry naturally and re-shape. When not in use, we recommend storing somewhere completely dry (and damp proof!)

As each basket is individually handmade, some variation in size and colour may occur.


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