PENCIL: Stationery Motif Embroidered Woven Storage Basket

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A scribbling pencil motif designed by illustrator Jacqueline Colley adorns this ethically hand-woven sisal basket, hand embroidered by Nduta, an multi-talented artist working in Nairobi. This design belongs to a growing collection of embroidered baskets that Nduta has worked on for The Basket Room, and this one is brand new for 2023.

These woven baskets make delightful children’s storage and will also appeal to all of those with a playful approach to interiors. Use your embroidered baskets as desk tidies and planters, on bedside tables and coffee tables - or for knitting, crafting, toys, muslins or toiletries.

Not just practical and fun, these baskets also serve a vital purpose for their Kenyan makers. The weavers, taught by their own mothers and grandmothers, make a reliable secondary income fulfilling orders from The Basket Room. In times of unpredictable drought, flexible work like weaving enables these women - who otherwise rely solely on farming to put food on the table - to better support their families throughout the seasons.



Dimensions (approx): 14.5-16.5cm DIA x 14.5-16.5cm H

If you need a specific size please let us know prior to placing your order.
Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.


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