JUKWA: Pink & Green Square Storage Basket

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Our smart Jukwa square storage baskets sport pink and green against a natural undyed grass base. These stylish and robust storage baskets are hand woven in Northern Ghana and look superb all over the home.

Bring a little order to the living room and use yours for stacking kindling or magazines. They are the perfect fit for popular cube storage shelving! In the bathroom, use your Jukwa baskets for storing toiletries, towels and loo rolls. Mix & match with our other square designs!

Each woven storage basket takes up to three days to complete, and is made from an indigenous Ghanaian grass called veta vera. The process is time-consuming: before weaving can begin the grass must be collected and split by hand, then hand-rolled and dyed. Only then can a weaver from our partner weaving cooperative begin her skillful work. These one of a kind baskets are handmade by the most talented weaving groups in Ghana, the weavers have complete creative freedom resulting in exquisite designs that are only ever made once. 

Most of the weavers in the Northern Ghana cooperative are agricultural workers, though relying on a season’s rainfall for income makes for unstable living. Basket weaving – one of the oldest crafts known to man – has become a source of alternative income for these communities, particularly in the dry seasons. This additional channel of work helps families to meet their basic living costs. To purchase one of our woven baskets is to become an important part of our journey: supporting the weavers in a truly fair and sustainable trade. Every woven basket comes with a thank you card from the co-operative that made yours. You can meet the weavers from Ghana HERE.


Dimensions: 30-35W x 30H cm 

As each basket is individually handmade, some variation in size and colour may occur. If your basket gets wet, simply leave it to dry naturally and re-shape.



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