PANGO: Natural Lidded Storage Baskets

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When you buy one of these fabulous woven baskets you become a patron of a vital, income-generating craft: basket weaving. We partner with a network of village cooperatives in Tanzania to bring these PANGO storage baskets to The Basket Room.

Ethical, beautiful and practical too, these stylish lidded baskets make ideal home storage for the kitchen, the bathroom, the fireside and the nursery. In their homeland of Tanzania, these woven baskets are used for storing cooking staples like maize, onions and potatoes. The reeds used to produce these woven storage baskets - milulu grasses - are often found in swamps and riverbeds or grown specially for basket weaving.

The income generated from selling their woven baskets helps weavers pay their children’s school fees and family medical bills, and buy school uniforms. Earnings from this essential second income can also help families make home improvements, and invest in livestock and poultry.

Not only this, but profits from basket sales are reinvested for business development. From solar lighting and kerosene lamps to plots of land and new warehouses. The cooperative committee leaders also organise frequent product development training as well as healthcare education.



Dimensions (approx):

XS: 12-14cm DIA x 10-14cm H

S: 15-20cm DIA x 15-17cm H

M: 22-25cm DIA x 18-20cm H

L: 26-30cm DIA x 22-25cm H

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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