KIJANI: Green Beaded Doum Palm Leaf Baskets

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Meticulously woven from doum palm leaves, these fabulous KIJANI baskets boast fine emerald green and white beading, and can be used as planters, flower pots and fruit bowls, jewellery baskets, desk tidies and organisers for bathroom toiletries.

These palm leaf baskets are produced by weavers from both the Samburu and Rendille tribes - all members of the Ngurunit Weavers Group in Northern Kenya. Farming and milk are the mainstays of this Ariaal pastoralist community, and traditionally these palm leaf baskets were woven to collect camel milk in, coated in a waterproof substance and smoked to make watertight. This tight and complex form of basket weaving has recently been revived, using the traditional Rendille weaving style along with Samburu designs and beading to create a versatile, beautiful home accessory.

Become a patron of this rare craft when you purchase one of our palm leaf baskets, and you will become an important part of our journey at the same time. We are proud to empower and support these talented weavers through fair trade and flexible work. Each basket is supplied with a thank you card from the cooperative: you can meet the ladies behind your basket HERE.


MATERIAL: Doum Palm Leaf


Mini: 8-9cm DIA x 8-9cm H
Small: 9-10cm DIA x 9-10cm H
Midi: 12-14cm DIA x 9-10cm H

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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