NDIZI: XL Banana & White Storage Basket

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Banana fibres and local sisal grass create a beautiful, natural colour block effect in these XL woven baskets. Use yours as a large planter, by the fireside for logs and kindling, or even as a toy basket – the beauty of these ethically produced baskets is that they will evolve with the needs of your home over time! For more ideas about how to use your basket, check out our basket uses page HERE.

These natural woven baskets are hand made by a small collective of Kenyan weavers; around forty ladies who were taught this timeless crafts by their mothers and grandmothers.  Sisal grass is sourced ready-rolled when regular orders come in from The Basket Room, and banana fibres are collected from local farmers – though some weavers also grow banana plants on their own land. 

Committed as we are to our partnership with this cooperative helps women to support themselves and their families more sustainably. Most weavers in this group are primarily subsistence farmers, but in the dry seasons this way of life can fail to meet the family’s basic needs. Buy one of our woven baskets and you actively support these weavers’ livelihoods, and our commitment to empowering women. Each woven basket comes with a thank you card from the weaving cooperative, and you can meet the weavers HERE.


Material:  SISAL

Dimensions:  35-40cm Dia x 28-32cm H

If you need a specific size please let us know prior to placing your order.

Please note, due to the handmade nature of the basket, the tone of colour may vary to that shown in the photograph.



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