ADDMO: Stripe Wave Dancing Basket

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A beautiful decorative bowl with an undulating, wave-like form and simple stripe - handwoven from palm tree leaf, creeper vines and locally foraged twigs in rural Zambia. Display yours on a shelf or sideboard or fill with fruit and place centre stage at your table!

The organisation we buy these woven bowls through seeks to support the Tonga people in achieving economic independence. They provide the weavers with the materials and the ongoing training needed to keep producing their work to a very high standard, and they ensure that fair prices are paid for the weavers’ work. 

The weavers who produce these wavy bowls tend to weave in groups, meeting outdoors regularly to weave in the shade. Income made from basket weaving is typically invested in family farming enterprises (the other mainstay of these communities along with traditional crafts) and to support the family and pay children’s school fees. You can meet the Zambian weavers here.




Dimensions: max DIA (top)
Small: 26-36cm
Medium: 38-45cm
Large: 46-55cm

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.


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