SAKAFU: Black and White Woven Sisal Rug

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You won’t find two SAKAFU mats the same. Dip-dying and tie-dying sisal grass by hand creates a fabulous cloud-streaked effect in soothing shades of black, grey and white. Use in your hallway, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

We have teamed up with a weaver named Bernard in bringing these mats and runners to The Basket Room.  Bernard produces each one of these sisal mats himself on a hand-loom, having learned this complicated craft through a UN-funded project over twenty years ago.

Sisal is a fibrous grass often used for producing rope. Once harvested, its leaves are split, rolled and dyed by hand before Bernard meticulously works them through the loom to create a fine, flat weave that feels lovely underfoot. Weaving on a hand-loom is particularly physical and complex work, so it’s far less popular amongst weavers than traditional basket weaving. Bernard’s mats and runners are works of a rare craft, and by bringing one home you help to protect and promote this whilst supporting his livelihood.

Weaving isn’t Bernard’s main job. Like the majority of the weavers we partner with in Kenya and across Africa, farming is his mainstay. During times of drought, mat weaving gives him the opportunity to earn a fair and reliable wage through flexible work.

Meet Bernard in our film, The Last Loom Weaver 


Dimensions: L:130cm x W80cm approx

It is advised to use a non-slip underlay if positioning the mat on a slippery surface (laminated or stripped floorboards and tiles).

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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