LAVUMISO VELVET: Teal, Natural and White

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Bring a splash of Swazi style to your dining room with this exquisite woven basket in a teal and black radial design. Woven from sustainably sourced lutindzi fibres, these woven baskets are water and stain-resistant thanks to the naturally waxy texture of this indigenous grass.

These baskets are meticulously woven by craftswomen working within fair trade cooperatives in rural Swaziland.  Purchasing one of these colourful woven baskets supports the ongoing work of Gone Rural Bomake, a not for profit organisation empowering 770 artisans all over the country with the training and the means to create beautiful handcrafts from the local materials available to them. This organisation works to improve local healthcare, education and sanitation through the provision of this sustainable employment. You can meet the weavers from Swaziland here.


MATERIAL: Lutindzi Grass (Indigenous to Swaziland & grows wild in the mountains) 


MINI: 16CM DIA x 7cm H

SMALL: 22cm DIA  x  8cm H

MIDI: 30cm DIA x 11cm H

MED: 36CM DIA x 13cm H

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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