MCHANGA: Khaki Cloud Woven Storage Basket

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Earthy, khaki hues blend with pure cloudy white in this collection of natural woven baskets in three different sizes. The MCHANGA tie-dye baskets are hand woven in in South Western Kenya, and can be used all over the home as stylish and versatile storage solutions. The smaller baskets can be used as desk tidies, planters and flower pots whilst the larger sizes are ideal storage baskets for everything from loo rolls to hats, gloves and scarves. 

The craftswomen who produce this range of baskets work as part of a group of rural weaving cooperatives, using the skills passed to them by family matriarchs to produce our set sizes and repeat patterns. These weavers meet weekly with their managers to arrange work, deliver completed orders and pick up wages, and communicate by mobile phone between meetings. Kenyan sisal grass is sourced ready-rolled when our orders come in to the cooperatives, and is then hand-dyed in large vats before weaving begins. The classic twining method is used to produce our CLOUD baskets: an intricate weave which uses two strands woven simultaneously around a central spoke.

Each basket comes with a thank you card from the cooperative who made your basket. Meet the weavers HERE. Weaving takes place largely during the dry seasons, since the majority of weavers are from farming families who survive for the rest of the year on subsistence farming. To take home one of our woven baskets is to support us in empowering women to provide for themselves and their families through taking part in dignified, flexible and fairly-paid work. 

For more basket inspiration, see our uses page HERE. 



Dimensions (APPROX): 

S: 13cm DIA x 13cm H
M: 23cm DIA x 23cm H
L:  33cm DIA x 33cm H

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.



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