CHIMBA: Hot Red Wool and Sisal Tote Bag

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With its bold red stripes and contrasting pink base, CHIMBA is a yarn and sisal basket bag of rose-tinted dreams. Ideal for summer festivals, market trips and the beach, this pink and red woven tote was handwoven in rural Kenya. 

The Basket Room partners with a network of twelve Kenyan weaving groups - with over thirty weavers in each group – to produce these red and pink striped woven totes. Weaving each basket bag can take up to six days: this is flexible work that fits in around domestic work, childcare and farming. Finished baskets are then sent to a Nairobi leather workshop where cow hide shoulder straps are produced and attached by skilled leatherworkers. 

Basket weaving is a skill passed from grandmothers to mothers to daughters all over Africa, and what was once a pastime is now a profitable craft for many skilled women. Your purchases keep hundreds of weavers in this group busy, and able to provide for their own families through this flexible, portable and sociable craft.



Dimensions: 35cm W X 30cm H approx (width is measured at the widest part of the bag)

Strap Length: 29cm approx"

If you need a specific size please let us know prior to placing your order.
Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.


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