SAWABA: Orange, Turquoise, and Dark Pink Woven Dog Basket - Large

£ 135.00

Sporting lovely orange, turquoise, pink stripes against a natural grass base, this beautiful handwoven dog basket will quickly become your dog’s favourite place to bed down for the night – or day!

Woven from indigenous veta vera grasses in Northern Ghana - also known as Elephant Grass - each pet basket takes up to three days to weave by hand. The production process is lengthy: this Ghanaian grass is harvested, split, hand-rolled and dyed before a skilled weaver from our partner weaving cooperative in sets to work.

The majority of these weavers are men, having been taught the age-old art of basket weaving from their own mothers and fathers.  Agricultural work is the mainstay of most weavers’ family incomes, but poor rainfall and drought makes life extremely challenging. Basket weaving, and producing these exquisite woven Moses baskets, brings women and men the opportunity to earn a valuable second income.


Want to know more about the people behind the baskets? Meet the weavers here.  



Large: 76cm W x 31cm D x 41cm H


Suitable For:

French Bulldog

Border Collie

English Bull Terrier


Springer Spaniel




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