Truly ethical Christmas gifts can be hard to pick out amongst the deluge of messaging we absorb every day during the run up to Christmas. Some brands will throw the term around liberally, too – along with buzzwords like ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘fair trade.’ This is something we have always been mindful of, and for every product we sell we make sure that we properly back up our claims.

Camilla (white top) and Peris (green top) meet with some our partner weavers in Kenya. Maintaining strong relationships with the craftswomen enables us to ensure that our supply chain is fair and transparent.

Now Christmas can feel like a LOT – especially this year. In the throes of a cost-of-living crisis and a climate crisis, Christmas shopping can feel uncomfortable in more ways than one. And the traditional excesses of the festive season – those images of overconsumption that we’re bombarded with - may not sit well with your own moral compass. So you’re in the right place if you’re looking for genuinely ethical Christmas gifts, and we’ve grouped our favourite woven baskets into handy gifting categories to make the search for ethical gifts even easier for you. Here’s to a season of thoughtful gifting and lasting gifts. 


Ethical Gifts for Her


An ethical gift is one that will last, and not be cluttering up landfill by spring 2023. This is where woven baskets win: a storage basket will keep evolving with your home storage needs over the years. A large woven planter will become a toy basket; a woven jewellery basket will find its way on to your desk and end up filled with pens and pencils and become a woven desk tidy– you get the picture. These baskets live many lives!


ASHANTI: Handcrafted Multicoloured Rectangular Bike Basket £57

Woven décor items like our colourful Ghanaian wall fans and Zulu Art Baskets are very special in that each piece is unique, and like all our basketry they’re gifts that give back to the makers because weaving is work that empowers women to work flexibly and earn a fair wage from traditional crafts they have practised from a young age.


Ethical Gifts for Him


Shopping for men at Christmas can be challenge enough without narrowing the search down to ethical Christmas gifts only. There seems to be a bigger market for novelty men’s Christmas gifts than women’s, which means lots of potential for mindless plastic waste, unethical production methods and ultimately a lot of unwanted junk in landfill.

Ghanaian Log + Laundry Baskets from £105

But there are so many ways to weave a little basketry into a man’s life – from woven laundry baskets to striped woven planters for his favourite houseplants and woven rugs and runners to bring a dash of texture and colour to his pad. Small beaded baskets for wallets, cufflinks, watches, air pods and loose change make for meaningful stocking fillers, and every guy needs a basket for cables and remotes – right?


Ethical Gifts for Children


Cultivate a love of handmade crafts early and choose only ethical gifts for children this Christmas – whether you’re shopping for your own young family or godchildren, nieces and nephews. Woven gifts for children become household heirlooms, whether you’re buying woven bike baskets for their trikes and scooters or embroidered storage baskets for the playroom.

SIFA: Orange Stripe Woven Storage Basket from £16. Image: @kitandco__

Mini market baskets from Ghana are the perfect ethical gift for imaginary play, for foraging and bedroom storage - and they make beautiful easter egg baskets in the spring!


Mini market baskets from £26. Image: @kitandco__



Ethical Christmas Decorations and Stocking Fillers


There is something very special about unboxing your Christmas decorations every year and having a story to tell about each of them. It’s lovely to add to your own collection of tree decorations year by year, mindfully choosing the hangings that appeal to you and the other members of your household. Unfortunately, festive decorations are another hot spot for plastic waste and cheap (unethical) production, but for every plastic bauble there is a beautiful, ethically handcrafted alternative. 


Mini sisal baskets £4.50 each

Stocking fillers have become synonymous with throwaway novelty, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Our mini sisal baskets and XS planters will keep on bringing joy well beyond the festive break: each one is unique in pattern and colour combo, and handwoven in rural Kenya. Choose ethically made gifts that give back to their makers and adorn your home in handmade festive décor that tells a positive story.


Ethical Gifts for your Festive Table


Truly ethical tableware can be used all-year-round. We also think that woven tableware makes for excellent Christmas gifts, or hostess gifts if you’re staying with friend or family over the festive break. Fill a breadbasket with chocolates or their favourite cheese, treat them to a set of beaded napkin rings or woven placemats and coasters, or go all out and gift them a woven picnic basket filled with their favourite treats.


Handwoven placemats and coasters made in eSwatini, from £10.50

Ethical Gifts for a Colourful Home


For those on your list who love all things bright and vibrant, choose from boldly patterned planters and storage baskets in unique designs to colour block baskets in striking two tone pairings – perfect as desk tidies, bedside tables, plant pots and as storage for all kinds of bits and pieces.

MAZAO: Fluoro Pink and Yellow Woven Storage Basket from £16

Handwoven sisal mats and runners in neon stripes will bring a pop of ethical style to any hallway or sitting room, whilst our hand embroidered motif baskets bring a playful element to shelves, dressing tables and desks.


Ethical Gifts for a Natural Home


For the person who loves ethical and natural interiors, consider something woven. From lidded woven laundry baskets woven from undyed palm leaf to natural round floor baskets and bread baskets in earth tones, baskets will bring joy and purpose for years to come. Unique handwoven wall platters will bring ethical style to any corner of their home, whilst striped rugs and runners woven in sisal fibres will bring unique, handcrafted texture.


KAZA: Brown & Grey Two Tone Woven Shopper £69


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Three ways to shop sustainably at Christmas


  1. Consumables

Consumables are the perfect gift for minimalists, environmentalists, and for those people on your list who you struggle to buy for! Candles, incense, make up, jars of jam, cake, vegan bath bombs, paints, soaps or a bottle of their favourite drink – as long as you’re careful about the packaging these gifts come in, consumables can be incredibly sustainable gifts. Because. They. Disappear!  

If they’re handmade or home made, even better! Did you make a batch of jam this summer or sloe gin in the autumn? Tried your hand at soap or candle making? Do you bake perfect cookies? Now’s the time to get making, labelling and gifting.


  1. Subscriptions and experiences

Presents don’t have to be things. From cinema and theatre vouchers to concert tickets, creative workshops, pampering treatments, classes and celebratory meals, surprising a loved one with an experience is both thoughtful and resourceful.

A subscription is a gift that literally keeps on giving: whether it’s a physical their favourite mag or letterbox books, flowers, coffee, chocolate or cheese – just make sure any food or drink is fair trade. You can even gift apps and digital memberships from most smartphone app stores. A year of Netflix or Spotify? Thank you very much!

Once you’ve found the app you’d like to gift, tap the app to arrive at its details page. Here you should see a rectangle with an arrow pointing up: the action button. Tap this and scroll through the pop-up menu until you see the “Gift App” option, then select it.


  1. Local and handmade

Support your local independent shops, craftspeople and your local high street this Christmas, or they simply might not be trading next festive season. Hitting your local Christmas market or craft fair is a wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon. By talking to the makers themselves or hearing the stories about where a gift has been sourced from, you’re sure to come home with a warm feeling you simply won’t get from dashing around your nearest shopping centre.

December 01, 2022

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