Holiday season is just around the corner, and this year we’re throwing out the rule book. Because why should we save all that colour and sparkle and our best cocktail glasses for the Big Day when Christmas is an entire season of togetherness, giving, sharing and merriment?  

 Woven baskets make great organisers for your baubles, paper and ribbons! Round sisal baskets from £16. Image: @flawsomehome


We’ve put together some tips for hosting a colourful Christmas and dressing your home for an entire season of alternative celebrations, using bold and brave colour to set the tone for the festivities - and a hopeful, happy year ahead.



Bright dog baskets for your four legged friends this Christmas! Flying the flag for neon wonder: @colorful_kimmes

Avoiding the limited, ‘traditional’ Christmas red and green (or white and silver) palette means that the accessories you treat your home to for the festive season won’t seem out of place if they stay up in the new year. In fact, we would urge you to keep the colour party going well into 2023… we certainly will be!


MNANDI: Handwoven Christmas Pudding Decoration £9.50


The #friendsmas trend has had over 16 million views on TikTok, signalling that Christmas means so much more these days than a big family lunch and maybe an office party.  Friends are the family we choose, after all, and more and more groups of people are working a friendsmas celebration or three into their December schedule, or indeed choosing to spend Christmas Day with a gang of friends rather than family. The beauty of friendsmas is that it doesn’t have to happen on the 25th, and we can have as many of them as we want – there are no rules here. So let’s make 2022 the year we forge some new Christmas traditions!




Upcycled Yarn Baskets from £37. Image: @_lisa_dawson_

Our upcycled yarn baskets are the ideal size to pop your Christmas tree in (if you get one) whether you’ve gone for a towering spruce or a dinky little fir. Wrap the bottom of your tree in woven colour and let their bright, tribal designs form a bold backdrop to the gifts nestled under the tree. Once Christmas is over, use your basket for storage or use it to home another houseplant. Mini bolga baskets make lovely alternatives to Christmas stockings and the most wonderful gift hampers where the container the gifts come in is a gift in itself. 





Bring out the best! Woven tableware from £13.50

Kick the season off with a friendsmas feast for your closest friends. Keep the catering simple so you can focus on being present for the occasion, which is what it’s all about after all. Load your table with generous cheeseboards with crackers and chutneys, baskets of crusty bread and platters tumbling with seasonal fruit and nuts. Dot the table with mini sisal baskets filled with chocolates and light colourful twisted candles in painted candlestick holders to bring a sense of theatre to the table.




Image: Florence and Flowers, Etsy 

We absolutely adore these bright wreaths and hoops adorned with neon-coloured dried flowers – a refreshing take on the traditional door wreath. The beauty of dried wreaths is that they’ll last and last – a wise investment that’s less wasteful too. Check out Etsy for all sorts of colourful handmade dried wreaths from local makers. If not a wreath, fill a vase with a vibrant spray of neon dried flowers and palm spears in pops of fuchsia, turquoise and gold. The perfect centrepiece or alternative to a tree!




 This year we launch our first ever collection of handmade Christmas tree decorations - aren't they gorgeous? 

Go maximalist and colourful on your Christmas tree this year, starting with fluorescent painted baubles - you can do this yourself and up-cycle existing baubles to your preferred colours. Mix in handcrafted decorations depicting traditional festive figures - or simply your favourite things - and add a liberal sprinkling of fairy lights for instant winter magic. Don’t overthink the tree and let it serve as an outlet for your creativity and passions rather than a symmetrical, colour-coordinated masterpiece. More is more!




Decorative wall fans £28 - each one is unique!

Our Ghanaian wall fans will bring an instant pop of colour to any wall space: create a wall of woven wonders or hang one above the fireplace or on a doorknob. Something about their tall sunburst forms say ‘party time,’ bringing a little heat and wanderlust to our wintry gatherings.


 Colourful Woven Planters from £18


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November 07, 2022

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