Short Film & Story for Fashion Revolution Week - 19-25th April

February 16, 2021

Fashion Revolution Week - 19th-25th April

Fashion Revolution Week (April 19th – 25th) is drawing closer and thought that you might be interested in a film we made recently in Kenya. 
This film is of a series of three short films about Madam Dorcas - chairlady of one of the largest Kenyan weaving cooperatives The Basket Room works with - each exploring an aspect of her identity as a market trader, a farmer, and chairlady of a busy craft cooperative. 
Images in this four-minute film evoke a busy day in the lives of the weavers as they gather outdoors with their weaving projects, summoning the powerful sense of community that comes from weaving together in groups. 
The film also shows some of the key steps to basket production: sisal leaves are handpicked, stripped and rolled using hands and feet. Huge coils of twined sisal are stirred in large vats of boiling water, before being hung to dry outdoors on racks and hooks.  Tape measures are held against finished baskets under the watchful eye of Madam Dorcas. 
Watch the film on YouTube:

Link to download film:


Please do let us know if this story might be of interest for your publication or for use on your social channels around Fashion Revolution - or in the future. For further information and imagery please contact: Alice West 01608 239482. 
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